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Dec 31, 2012 11:00am EST
! people on the other side of the world are celebrating the new year. the world's first major city, auckland, new zealand, brought in 2013 this morning. fireworks lit up the sky around 6:00 in the morning. sydney, australia brought it in at 8:00 a.m. revellers set up camp on the shores of the harbor. more than a million people saw the show at the sydney harbor bridge. it started with a ringing of a pel in tokyo, japan, at 10:00 this morning. closer to home, thousands of people are expected to bring in the new year at the celebration in al kpand rhee i can't. tony has a preview. >> reporter: i can tell you it's the time of year when people celebrate. they throw parties, make resolutions and promises for the upcoming year. in old town alexandria it will happen into the evening. it will be pretty packed. it was a quiet morning but the sign in this bookstore displays a subtle clue about the festivities. over 21 local spots including live music and children's activities. for the finale, a return of fireworks. a sure fire good time for folks celebrating the new year. >> go on a party. th
Dec 6, 2012 11:00am EST
live view from the nbc 4 city camera shows a few whispy high clouds. what a dramatic drop from where we were 36 or so hours ago when it was around 70 degrees. we drop this morning down into the 20s, a nearly 40 to 45 degree drop. it's going above freezing. it's hovering in the upper 30s to around 40 around the area. it includes montgomery, prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties. here is the wider view. other temperatures still in the mid-30s in much of western maryland. southern maryland from fredericksburg and the northern neck on the eastern shore around 40 degrees now. as we take a look at the view from space, we have a few high clouds coming through. they will be with us from time-to-time throughout afternoon. i'll have the forecast for the lighting ceremony. we look at the forecast tomorrow and the afternoon coming up in a few minutes. keith? >> a messy morning on the beltway after a pineapple truck overturned on the outer loop near 270. lanes of the highway were closed for hours as they empty the produce into another truck. the delays stretched nine miles. the question is
Dec 28, 2012 11:00am EST
bullet wounds and the other two have minor injuries. >>> police in neerk city are searching for the woman who pushed a man in front of an oncoming train and killed him. witnesses say the woman was mumbling and pacing on the subway flat feerm before she shoved the man on to the track. so far it does not appear the victim and suspect knew each other. the police have not released a motive. this is the second time this month someone has been shoved on to the train tracks and killed in new york city. >>> iran state television is reported that the country navy has started training drills. they see 20% of the oil's pass through it. iran has reportedly warned other ships to stay away from the site until after the new year. the state tv report says the programs include warships, submarines and jet fighters. other countries are worried that these tests are another step toward iran developing a nuclear weapon. >>> the military world is mourning the death of the man known as "stormin norman." he helped to remove saddam hussein out of kuwait. he says schwarzkopf was in love with america and was
Dec 18, 2012 11:00am EST
taken from a stolen police car. two of the city's police cruisers were stolen last week. one from duke street on thursday and the other from princess street on friday. both cars have been recovered but say the shotgun that should have been in the first car is still missing. alexandria police say they aren't sure how their cars are being stolen. they have sent out bulletins to department regionwide, warning them about the recent thefts. >>> and we'll check in again with tom kierein for the latest on the forecast. he's outside on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> beautiful day. it feels like spring in the air. kind of looks like it, too. and we've had a few blossoms popping out here from maturely and we've got temperatures around 60 degrees. the winds are picking up out of the north and west and lots of sunshine pouring down on washington. there's a live view from our city camera on this 18th day of december. there's the view from space. we've got clouds over the shenandoah valley into the mountains part of a disturbance drifting over our region now and a few clouds are drifting through
Dec 17, 2012 11:00am EST
rebuilding damaged areas and helping aid the recovery efforts. the rest would help protect cities against future storms. >>> day eight of our 12 days of giving here on "news4 midday." during these 12 days we're profiling non-profits working to change lives in our area. we invite you to help these great causes. >> keith, it's called boromeo housing. it is a lifeline literally for homeless mothers in washington county around around the washington area. they provide education and housing and critical life skills. you can help this group by calling 202-885-4949. joining me now is darlene bacci and andrea reyes and her little girl. tell us more about this. i understand you're celebrating 25 years. >> yes. this is our 25th anniversary. our mission has not changed in 25 years. we are still an education first, transitional housing program for young single mothers age 16 to 22 and their child. to participate in our program they must be enrolled in school full time, either high school, college or certificate training program. >> you're providing housing but also teaching them life skills. >> exactl
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5